Rihanna doesn’t have to do much but she does anyway (and for that, we’re thankful). A true boss can master more than just one industry during their career and she’s done just that.

We were introduced to the island beauty way back in 2005 and she’s evolved into an even badder ting every year since. We’ve been begging her for music but when you take a step back and look at her accomplishments, she’s already done enough.

$600 Million in Fenty Beauty Sales

215 Million Digital Tracks Sold

11 Billion Video Views

8 Grammys

This doesn’t even include sales from Savage X Fenty, her partnership with PUMA, or her latest luxury fashion line FENTY. If you can’t even acknowledge this woman’s hustle you’re either unattractive or hating. (maybe both)

FENTY is such a big deal because there aren’t many black luxury designer brands out there. Everything’s pretty caucasian, per usual. We’re not forgetting LaQuan Smith, Off-White, Cushnie, etc., but if you were asked to name more than five well-known black luxury, designer brands on the spot, most wouldn’t be able to. I mean, can you? Try it without Google.

FENTY pieces are nontraditional and abstract like literal art. Simple shades make us focus more on the actual design and quality. Most of the clothes give nostalgic and refurbished, 60’s era feels with a sprinkle of 2000’s drip and a modern touch with their fit. She gave us a full collection of clothing, accessories, shoes and all.

If you wanna be FENTY fly baby, come correct. Prices start in the $420’s – and that’s for the sunglasses. No, the prices aren’t ‘affordable’ but this is designer fashion – designer is never cheap.

Regardless of the price, Rihanna has built an empire with FENTY and this luxury line is her newest addition. She’s a self-made millionaire who has dominated every industry she even dips her toe in. If you’re not inspired then what are you? (Prolly a bum :/)