Tiger Woods wins the 2019 Masters

Two weeks ago we all got to witness Tiger Woods win a major again. The last time Tiger was the last one standing with a major title on the line was back in 2008! And just to give some insight on exactly how long ago that was, the New York Giants had just beat the New England Patriots in an amazing barn burner where Mario Manningham made the play of the game, with that amazing sideline catch to move the Giants into New England’s side of the field with less than 2:00 minutes remaining. The Boston Celtics had just beat the Los Angeles Lakers in six games to take home the NBA Championship. If that’s not enough to jog your memory, 2008 was when Marvel released “Iron Man,” setting in motion this phenomenal 22 movie run known as the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

At his peak, Tiger Woods was untouchable. Coming in as a young dominant boy at the age of 13, Tiger captured the hearts of people across the world. Through his career, Tiger ascended to the world’s best. The attention that he brought the sport was unlike anything we had seen at the time. People all across the world would tune in anytime Tiger would play just for the chance to witness history. After his fallout with then wife Elin Nordegren and many injuries, many wondered if he could ever get back to the level of which he once played at.

Well, 11 years later Tiger showed us once again why you can never count him out. Leading up to the 2019 Masters Tournament, Tiger hadn’t been playing too bad. He would miss the final cut by a couple of strokes or not be fully healthy going into the weekend of tournament. Can we blame him for taking a while to getting back to where he was? He not only went through a traumatic divorce from a six year marriage, but he continued to go in and out of rehabilitation for injuries that are seeming to pop up more and more as he gets older (He is currently 43). But sure enough, winning the 2019 Masters in an exciting, stunning, and emotional way as only Tiger Woods can do.

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